Command line arguments

pojomaker --connection=CONECTION_STRING [--allow-nulls=TRUE|FALSE] 
            [--destination=FOLDER] [--help] [--package-name=PACKAGE] 
            [--overflow=IGNORE|WARN|ERROR] [--version]

    Creates POJO files from the specified database connection. All parameters
    can be set in the configuration file Folder 
    hierarchy will be created from the package name as the java standard.
    Classes will be mapped to tables and properties to columns. The 
    propertie's access modifier of read only columns will be protected. Any
    parameter set at command line overrides those given in the file.
        Default to FALSE (not case sensitive). 
        If false, trying to set a null value to properties associated with a 
        non-nullable column will throw an NullPointerException. By default, 
        non-nullable fields will be initialized to 0 or "". When allow-nulls
        is set to false, those fields will be initialized to null. Properties
        associated with nullable columns will always be nullable.
        The full jdbc connection string to the database. This parameter is
        not optional so it must be present either at command line or in the file. 

        Tells where the package directory will be created. Default to the 
        local folder.
        Show this help. Cannot be set in
        Default to WARN (not case sensitive)
        Tells pojomaker how to handle string capacity overflow. May take one 
        of those three values :        
            IGNORE: Overflow not checked.
            WARN:   An overflow message is sent to the debug stream.
            ERROR:  An IllegalArgumentException is thrown.
        Name of the package to use for all generated classes. Default to 
        Print version informations. Cannot be set in

Configuration file (

Instead of typing every parameters at command line, Pojo Maker can be configured using a standard property file. All parameters can be set in the file if not stated otherwise in documentation. Each parameter can be set using its name without the --. A command line parameter always overrides a property set in the configuration file.

Property example: connection=jdbc:derby:/var/derbydata/mydb